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Available as a digital download or printed pattern

For custom print sizing select Custom Printed Pattern above and enter the desired size of one row below

This pattern doesn't look like much but it's actually very versatile. When quilted as shown it looks like simple water, turn the quilt upside-down and it's an uneven, modern-looking clamshell that works fantastically well on all sorts of modern quilts. As a clamshell it looks great on Japanese fabrics and sashiko-style quilts and can also be used to add texture to quilts of all sorts without overpowering the fabric choices.

It's even great for masculine men and boys quilts because it's simple and well spaced.

And it's so, so, so easy to stitch if you're using a hand-guided machine! This one is a must-have.

Standard Print Size: 1 row is 10", 1 row printed
Paper roll = 11.5"x144"

Custom Print Size:
For custom print sizing select Custom Printed Pattern and enter the desired size of one row. If we can fit more than one row of your requested size we will print multiple rows.

Digital Formats (for computerised machines):
Zip file includes CQP, DWG, DXF, EPS, HQF, IQP, MQR, PAT, PLT, PNG, QLI, SSD, TXT & WMF

We also include an A4 printable PDF showing a 5:1 reduction of the layout so you can show your clients what the pattern looks like and a JPG of the pattern as displayed on our website that you may use on your own website or in promotional material

A note about digital vs printed patterns:
Printed patterns are for use with a laser or stylus. They are printed on paper and physically shipped to customers
Digital patterns are designed to run computerised quilting systems and are supplied via instant download after payment is processed. They are not designed for "print at home".
We are unable to refund incorrectly chosen formats

Designed and digitised by Hermione Agee of Lorien Quilting
Formatted by Digitech