Copyright Information

The patterns on this website are intended for use by individuals on personal quilts and professional longarm quilters on customer quilts.

All rights reserved.

Lorien Quilting patterns may not be used for the mass production of quilts.

Lorien Quilting patterns must not be reproduced, in whole or in part.

Lorien Quilting patterns must not be stored in any format other than the way they were purchased without permission in writing from the designer.

Lorien Quilting patterns may be used on multiple computerised quilting machines, provided all the machines are owned by the original purchaser of the patterns.

Lorien Quilting patterns must not be printed, copied, scanned, traced, shared, distributed, rented, loaned, swapped or altered in any way. Digital patterns must not be printed. Printed patterns must not be digitised.

When a quilt featuring one or more of these patterns is made for sale or public display, we ask that credit be given in writing to the designer, including the name of the pattern and the name (and business name if applicable) of the designer.

If in doubt, ask before you buy 

A message from Hermione

There is not a lot of money in designing quilting patterns. I will not get rich doing this for a living. I'm okay with that :) I'm not okay with people who steal from me, either to avoid paying for something they want for themselves or worse, use stolen patterns to generate income for their own businesses.

It is not okay to copy files, photocopy patterns for friends or borrow patterns from other quilters. It is not okay to digitise a pattern that you bought on paper. Every time that happens it takes me one step closer to having to close my business.

I have spent a lot of time and effort making my work available to the public. I love this job and I love being able to work in this amazing industry but I won't be able to continue if I don't get paid for my work. Please remember that I'm just one person trying to pay my bills doing something I love and supporting you in your businesses by providing a quality product at a very reasonable price.

In the big scheme of things, an edge to edge quilting pattern doesn't cost very much - you only have to pay for it once, then you can use it to generate income in your business forever.

I thank you for supporting my designing efforts and I hope you will help me stamp out copyright violations when you see them happening. Together we can keep our industry healthy and vibrant.

Best wishes and happy quilting,

Hermione Agee.