Borders Bizzy Cards
Borders Bizzy Cards

Borders Bizzy Cards

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We all know that the flatter the borders are, the easier it is to quilt that top. These Bizzy Cards explain and illustrate how to attach simple borders and make them flat.
They are instructional and designed for customers to keep and refer to whenever they are attaching borders.
Conveniently, customers will therefor have your contact details nearby when they’re finishing a quilt top.

What is a Bizzy Card?

Bizzy Cards are postcard-size promotional cards for your business.
Each Bizzy Card has a space to write your contact details or to affix a sticker so clients will know where to find you.
Bigger and brighter than business cards, each Bizzy Card has useful information to help your customers in their quilt making. They will want to keep them for reference, making them less likely to be thrown away or misplaced, thereby keeping your contact information on hand.
Also, customers who are well informed about machine quilting practices and good construction techniques make quilt tops that are easier to quilt.